Stylish Design
Durable Material
The Versatile Aluminum Shower Drains
We Ever Manufactured.
balcony channel drain
Free From Wet And Slippery Flooring
By Using Outdoor Balcony Drains

Available for Balcony, terraces rooftop kitchen
or simply on any floor that requires drainage or ventilation.
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Easy Maintenance

Its natural resistance to corrosion and weathering eliminates the need for frequent cleaning or extensive protection.

Cost Effective

Quick installation and long-lasting material with good quality bring less burden and lifecycle costs


Marine grade anodized surface finish provides protection from UV and corrosion. No fading and rust guarantee.

Flexible Metal

With the exceptional malleability, aluminum is easy to cut and drill with saw and other tools.

Easy & Quick Installation

By minimizing the duration of the installation, it reduce project timelines and resource expenditure.

Light Weight

1/3 the weight of steel, it reduced energy consumption for shipping and laboring.


                                                                         Who We Are?

                                                                                                                                      We are aluminium extrusion manufacturer and we develop

                                                                                                                                  one of our latest aluminium grating and drain systems



       Why choose us?

                    We are experienced in aluminium manufacturing and understand how to produce our products perfectly in aluminium

                    one of our latest aluminium grating and drain systems 



balcony channel drain
Balcony Channel Drain
Trench Channel Drain Dark Knight
Trench Channel Drain Dark Knight
balcony channel drain champagne
Outdoor Trench Drain Champagne
outdoor channel drain
Outdoor Channel Drain
linear shower drain
Linear Shower Drain
tile insert shower drain
Tile Insert Shower Drain
linear shower drain champagne
Linear Shower Drain Champagne
linear shower drain dark knight
Linear Shower Drain Dark Knight

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